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Don't even go there ..... Trying to keep this list upto date is like trying to drink the atlantic ocean dry - If you need one that isn't on our list, please contact us and we will endeavour to supply it.

In this section you will find our current range of said ignition and lock keys.

The Ignition Switches and associated keys can be found here Ignition Switches & Keys

The Door Locks and associated keys can be found here Door Handles & Body Fittings

Isolator switches and keys can be found here Isolator Switches & Keys

The 100% scale drawings of the keys are beneath the table, feel free to print off these pages so that you can check your key against the drawing.
Replacement Ignition and Door Keys
M.G. Judd Part NoO.E.M. Part NoSuitable For
IK.702702Various Tank Caps
IK.738738Various Tank Caps
IK.850850Various Scissor Lift Panels
IK.30953095Various Scissor Lift Panels
IK.8500085000Maddan Generators etc.
IK.9230192301Ingersoll Rand and Various Door
IK.9333393333Various Door
IK.B214610Bosch, Neiman, Merit and Bomag Ignition
IK.B3285Bosch, Neiman, Merit and Bomag Ignition
IK.B414685, 14609 and 294Bosch, Neiman, Merit and Bomag Ignition
IK.B514608Bosch, Neiman, Merit and Bomag Ignition
IK.B614603, 14607 and 14707Bosch, Neiman, Merit and Bomag Ignition
IK.B714602Bosch, Neiman, Merit and Bomag Ignition
IK.B814644Bosch, Neiman, Merit and Bomag Ignition
IK.B9250Bosch, Neiman, Merit and Bomag Ignition
IK.B11E11 and K11Bosch, Neiman, Merit and Bomag Ignition
IK.B30E30Bosch, Neiman, Merit and Bomag Ignition
IK.B39E39Bosch, Neiman, Merit and Bomag Ignition
IK.B80E80 & K80Bosch, Neiman, Merit and Bomag Ignition
IK.BC1Bobcat Skidster Ignition
IK.BC2PK510Bobcat Mini-digger Ignition
IK.BF1Bedford LM12 Scissor Lift Panel
IK.BF273033Benford Roller Ignition
IK.BG1510Hitachi and Bomag Fuel Cap
IK.BH11Bosch, Neiman, Merit and Bomag Ignition
IK.BS1Bedford Skidster and Hyster FLT Ignition
IK.BZ1Beazer Door
IK.C15080Chieftan Ignition
IK.C105Various Scissor Lift Panels
IK.CA1D250Case Excavator and Ingersoll Rand Roller Ignition
IK.CAT1Caterpillar Old Type Ignition
IK.CAT2SP8500Caterpillar New Type Ignition
IK.CH1CH512XL24 Scissor Lift Panel
IK.CH2CH506Various Scissor Lift Panels
IK.CH3CH510Various Scissor Lift Panels
IK.CH4CH504Various Scissor Lift Panels
IK.CH5CH510Various Scissor Lift Panels
IK.CH6CH516Various Scissor Lift Panels
IK.CH7CH650Various Scissor Lift Panels
IK.CH8CH751Various Scissor Lift Panels
IK.CH9Various Scissor Lift Panels
IK.CH10CH752Various Scissor Lift Panels
IK.DW1D100Daewoo (Not Illustrated)
IK.DW4D400Daewoo (Not Illustrated)
IK.DW5D500Daewoo (Not Illustrated)
IK.FA1Fiat Excavator Ignition
IK.FS880FS880Various Door and Ignition
IK.H1H800Hitachi Ignition
IK.H2E30Hitachi Door (Differs from Bosch E30)
IK.H3706Hitachi Fuel Tank
IK.H4H805Hitachi Ignition
IK.H5H808Hitachi Ignition
IK.H6H806Hitachi Ignition
IK.IR183357Ingersoll Rand Roller Ignition
IK.J192274JCB Ignition
IK.J21001JCB Door
IK.J37725JCB Door
IK.J4JCB Fuel Cap
IK.J5JCB Fuel Cap
IK.J6S450JCB (JAP) Excavator Ignition
IK.J7P0111JCB 803 and 804 Door and Ignition
IK.J8TF1087JCB 803 and 804 Door (Some Models)
IK.J10CB845JCB 801 and 803 Fuel Cap
IK.J11JCB JS150LC Padlock
IK.JD1John Deere Excavator Ignition
IK.JLG19901Ignition Panel
IK.KB1K250Kobelco Ignition
IK.KF1794Kubota Fuel Cap
IK.KM1787Komatsu (Master Key) Ignition
IK.KM2659Komatsu Ignition
IK.KM3TF1001Komatsu Exc Door
IK.KM48352Komatsu Mini Excavator Door
IK.KU1Kubota Excavator Ignition
IK.KU2Kubota Petbow Ignition
IK.KU3BK600Kubota Door
IK.KU4NG100Grove AMZ50 (Kubuta Engine) Ignition
IK.KU5Kubota Tractor and Later Excavator Ignition
IK.KU6H32412Welding Sets (Kubota Engine) Ignition
IK.KU7Kubota Ignition
IK.KU8Kubota Ignition (Not Illustrated)
IK.LU1Lucas Ignition (In bags of 25)
IK.LU2Lucas Ignition
IK.MC5MC5Various Tractor Doors
IK.MC13MC13Various Tractor Doors
IK.MC43MC43Various Tractor Doors
IK.MC48MC48Various Tractor Doors
IK.N1HD62Nissan Ignition
IK.P164001M.G.J. Panel and Lever Locks, etc
IK.P52525252Perkins (JAP) Ignition
IK.PJ1Pelijob Excavator Ignition
IK.PK556PK556Various Scissor Lift Panels
IK.ROM1Ride on Mower and Power Float Ignition
IK.SP1455Sothert and Pitt TXR120 etc.
IK.T192376M.G.J. 'T' Handle Locks
IK.T2WA001Tractair Door
IK.TK1Takeuchi Door and Ignition
IK.V1777Volvo (Not Illustrated)
IK.XOM1Bosch, Neiman and Merit Ignition
IK.XOM2Bosch, Neiman and Merit Ignition
IK.Y1Yanmar (C P Compressor) Ignition
IK.Y2Yanmar Excavator Ignition
IK.Y3Yanmar Excavator Ignition
IK.YA1456Yale Fork Lift Truck Ignition
IK.YA2Yale Fork Lift Truck Ignition
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