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O.E.M. Part NoQuantityDescriptionSize
Jump Lead HandlesB104004Jump Lead Handles
Jump Leads - 12ft (3m)B104101Jump Leads - 12ft (3m)144" 3m
Jump Leads - 16ft (5m)B104201Jump Leads - 16ft (5m)192" 5m
Jump Leads - 32ft (10m)B104301Jump Leads - 32ft (10m)384" 10m
Jump Leads Fully Ins 16ft (5m)B104321Jump Leads Fully Ins 16ft (5m)192" 5m
Voltage Surge Protector 12vB104381Voltage Surge Protector 12v
Rep Domed Lens + Rubber SealB104611Rep Domed Lens + Rubber Seal
Rep Bulb Holder Double ContactB104621Rep Bulb Holder Double Contact
Flat Glass LensesB104632Flat Glass Lenses
R/S Bulbs Bayonet Cap 60w 110vB1053010R/S Bulbs Bayonet Cap 60w 110v
Cable Lug Nuts + BoltsB1196050Cable Lug Nuts + Bolts
Starter Straps PVC 12v 12B120002Starter Straps PVC 12v 12"12"
Starter Straps PVC 12v 18B120202Starter Straps PVC 12v 18"18"
Spiral Binding 1.6-12.7mm 30mB121201Spiral Binding 1.6-12.7mm 30m 30m 12.7mm
Spiral Binding 4.8-50mm 30mB121401Spiral Binding 4.8-50mm 30m 30m 50mm
Spiral Binding 9.5-100mm 30mB121601Spiral Binding 9.5-100mm 30m 30m 100mm
Crocodile Clips - 5 amp (Insulated)B1410024Crocodile Clips - 5 amp (Insulated)
Crocodile Clips - 25 ampB1411025Crocodile Clips - 25 amp
Crocodile Clips - 50 ampB1412025Crocodile Clips - 50 amp
Clear Adhesive Tape 24mm x 66mB141403Clear Adhesive Tape 24mm x 66m 66m 24mm
Parcel/Packing Tape 50mm x 66mB141503Parcel/Packing Tape 50mm x 66m 66m 50mm
Parcel/Packing Tape 50mm x 66mB1415536Parcel/Packing Tape 50mm x 66m 66m 50mm
PTFE Sealing Tape 12mm x 12mB1416010PTFE Sealing Tape 12mm x 12m 12m 12mm
Gas PTFE Tape Size: 12mmx12mB1416510Gas PTFE Tape Size: 12mmx12m 12m 12mm
Gaffer Tape Silver 50mm x 50mB141702Gaffer Tape Silver 50mm x 50m 50m 50mm
Gaffer Tape Black 50mm x 50mB141802Gaffer Tape Black 50mm x 50m 50m 50mm
White Gaffer Tape 50mm x 50mB141812White Gaffer Tape 50mm x 50m 50m 50mm
Silver Gaffer Tape  Size: 50mmx50mB141852Silver Gaffer Tape Size: 50mmx50m 50m 50mm
Black Gaffer Tape  Size: 50mmx50mB141872Black Gaffer Tape Size: 50mmx50m 50m 50mm
Black Self Amalg Tape 25mm x 5mB141901Black Self Amalg Tape 25mm x 5m 5m 25mm
Black Self Amalg Tape 50mm x 5mB141951Black Self Amalg Tape 50mm x 5m 5m 50mm
Silicon Repair Tape 1mB141991Silicon Repair Tape 1m 1m
Toggle SwitchesB1472010Toggle Switches
Illuminated Toggle SwitchesB1473010Illuminated Toggle Switches
Illuminated Toggle SwitchesB1474010Illuminated Toggle Switches
Warning LightB1475010Warning Light
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O.E.M. Part NoQuantityDescriptionSize
Locking Wire 1.0mm Dia x 500gC235002Locking Wire 1.0mm Dia x 500g 1mm 500g
Locking Wire 2.0mm Dia x 500gC235102Locking Wire 2.0mm Dia x 500g 2mm 500g
Bowden Cable 1.57mm Diameter x 30mC236001Bowden Cable 1.57mm Diameter x 30m 30m 1.57mm
Bowden Cable 1.95mm Diameter x 30mC236101Bowden Cable 1.95mm Diameter x 30m 30m 1.95mm
Bowden Cable Outer + Ends 15mC236201Bowden Cable Outer + Ends 15m 15m
Solderless Nipples 6mmC2362120Solderless Nipples 6mm 6mm
Solderless Nipples 7mmC2362220Solderless Nipples 7mm 7mm
Solderless Nipples 8mmC2362320Solderless Nipples 8mm 8mm
Nail BrushesC2369012Nail Brushes
Barrel Tap 3/4 iptC237001Barrel Tap 3/4 ipt
Barrel Tap 3/4 iptC237101Barrel Tap 3/4 ipt
Perforated Strip - 12C2429010Perforated Strip - 12" Light Duty12"
Perforated Strip - 24C2430010Perforated Strip - 24" Heavy Duty24"
Gasket Paper 0.15mm x 1m sq.C244101Gasket Paper 0.15mm x 1m sq. 1m 0.15mm
Gasket Paper 0.25mm x 1m sq.C244201Gasket Paper 0.25mm x 1m sq. 1m 0.25mm
Gasket Paper 0.80mm x 1m sq.C244301Gasket Paper 0.80mm x 1m sq. 1m 0.8mm
Gasket Non-stick 0.40mm 48C244601Gasket Non-stick 0.40mm 48" x 12"12" 48" 0.4mm
Gasket Non-stick 0.75mm 48C244701Gasket Non-stick 0.75mm 48" x 12"12" 48" 0.75mm
Tool Clips - 10-12mmC2451050Tool Clips - 10-12mm 12mm
Tool Clips - 13-14mmC2452050Tool Clips - 13-14mm 14mm
Tool Clips - 16-19mmC2453050Tool Clips - 16-19mm 19mm
Tool Clips - 32 -34mmC2455050Tool Clips - 32 -34mm 34mm
Tool Clips - 25 -27mmC2457050Tool Clips - 25 -27mm 27mm
Disposable Car Seat CoversC25000100Disposable Car Seat Covers
Seat cover DispenserC250011Seat cover Dispenser
Car Seat Covers Heavy Duty on RollC25010100Car Seat Covers Heavy Duty on Roll
Disposable Car Floor Mats WhiteC25020500Disposable Car Floor Mats White
Disposable Car Floor Mats BrownWhiteC25030500Disposable Car Floor Mats BrownWhite
Refuse SacksC2510050Refuse Sacks
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