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Braising, Soldering and Welding

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Braising, Soldering and Welding
O.E.M. Part NoQuantityDescriptionSize
MIG Welding Wire 0.6mm x 0.7KgC225001MIG Welding Wire 0.6mm x 0.7Kg 0.6mm 0.7Kg
MIG Welding Wire 0.6mm x 5.0KgC225201MIG Welding Wire 0.6mm x 5.0Kg 0.6mm 5Kg
MIG Welding Wire 0.8mm x 0.7KgC225401MIG Welding Wire 0.8mm x 0.7Kg 0.8mm 0.7Kg
MIG Welding Wire 0.8mm x 5.0KgC225601MIG Welding Wire 0.8mm x 5.0Kg 0.8mm 5Kg
MIG Welding Wire 0.8mm x 15.0KgC225701MIG Welding Wire 0.8mm x 15.0Kg 0.8mm 15Kg
Welding Nozzle Light Weight No. 3C226003Welding Nozzle Light Weight No. 3
Welding Nozzle Light Weight No. 5C226203Welding Nozzle Light Weight No. 5
Welding Nozzle Light Weight No. 7C226403Welding Nozzle Light Weight No. 7
Electrodes 2mm Size: 2kgC226501Electrodes 2mm Size: 2kg 2mm 2Kg
Electrodes 2.5mm Size: 5kgC226601Electrodes 2.5mm Size: 5kg 2.5mm 5Kg
Electrodes 3.2mm Size: 5kgC226705Electrodes 3.2mm Size: 5kg 3.2mm 5Kg
Electrodes 4.0mm Size: 5kgC226801Electrodes 4.0mm Size: 5kg 4mm 5Kg
Cutting Nozzle Light Duty 1/32C228001Cutting Nozzle Light Duty 1/32" 1/32"
Cutting Nozzle Light Duty 3/64C228201Cutting Nozzle Light Duty 3/64" 3/64"
Cutting Nozzle Heavy Duty 1/32C228401Cutting Nozzle Heavy Duty 1/32" 1/32"
Cutting Nozzle Heavy Duty 3/64C228601Cutting Nozzle Heavy Duty 3/64" 3/64"
MIG Welding Tip - 0.6mmC228705MIG Welding Tip - 0.6mm 0.6mm
MIG Welding Tip - 0.8mmC228805MIG Welding Tip - 0.8mm 0.8mm
MIG Welding ShroudC228902MIG Welding Shroud
Electrode Holder - Twist TypeC229001Electrode Holder - Twist Type
Electrode Holder - CrocodileC229101Electrode Holder - Crocodile
Earthing Clamp - CrocodileC229401Earthing Clamp - Crocodile
Solder Wire 3.5mm Diameter x 500gC230002Solder Wire 3.5mm Diameter x 500g 3.5mm 500g
Solder Wire 1.6mm Diameter x 500gC230102Solder Wire 1.6mm Diameter x 500g 1.6mm 500g
Solder Wire 1.6mm & 3.5mmC230152Solder Wire 1.6mm & 3.5mm 3.5mm 1.6mm
Solder 0.7mm 22swgC230172Solder 0.7mm 22swg 0.7mm
Solder Wire 1.2mm 18swgC230182Solder Wire 1.2mm 18swg 1.2mm
Tinman's Solder - 250g SticksC230202Tinman's Solder - 250g Sticks 250g
Body Solder - 500gC230301Body Solder - 500g 500g
Welding Rods 1.6mm Dia x 2.5KgC230504Welding Rods 1.6mm Dia x 2.5Kg 1.6mm 2.5Kg
Welding Rods 2.4mm Dia x 2.5KgC230604Welding Rods 2.4mm Dia x 2.5Kg 2.4mm 2.5Kg
Welding Rods 3.2mm Dia x 2.5KgC230704Welding Rods 3.2mm Dia x 2.5Kg 3.2mm 2.5Kg
Brazing Rods 1.6mm x 1Kg BareC231001Brazing Rods 1.6mm x 1Kg Bare 1.6mm 1Kg
Brazing Rods 2.4mm x 1Kg BareC231101Brazing Rods 2.4mm x 1Kg Bare 2.4mm 1Kg
Brazing Rods 3.2mm x 1Kg BareC231201Brazing Rods 3.2mm x 1Kg Bare 3.2mm 1Kg
Braze Rods 2.4mm x 1Kg F/CoatC231301Braze Rods 2.4mm x 1Kg F/Coat 2.4mm 1Kg
Braze Rods 3.2mm x 1Kg F/CoatC231401Braze Rods 3.2mm x 1Kg F/Coat 3.2mm 1Kg
Braze Rods 2.4mm x 1Kg F/ImpC231601Braze Rods 2.4mm x 1Kg F/Imp 2.4mm 1Kg
Braze Rods 3.2mm x 1Kg F/ImpC231701Braze Rods 3.2mm x 1Kg F/Imp 3.2mm 1Kg
ARC Welding Rods 1.6mm (1/16C23200100ARC Welding Rods 1.6mm (1/16") 1/16" 1.6mm
ARC Welding Rods 2.0mm (5/64C23210100ARC Welding Rods 2.0mm (5/64") 5/64" 2mm
ARC Welding Rods 2.5mm (3/32C23220100ARC Welding Rods 2.5mm (3/32") 3/32" 2.5mm
ARC Welding Rods 3.2mm (1/8C23230100ARC Welding Rods 3.2mm (1/8") 1/8" 3.2mm
Triple Flint Spark GunC232401Triple Flint Spark Gun
Triple Flint Spark Gun FlintsC232415Triple Flint Spark Gun Flints
Trigger Spark GunC232501Trigger Spark Gun
Trigger Spark Gun FlintsC2326010Trigger Spark Gun Flints
Nozzle CleanersC232701Nozzle Cleaners
Spanner and Cylinder KeyC232901Spanner and Cylinder Key
Sifflux Brazing Flux 500gC233001Sifflux Brazing Flux 500g 500g
Soldering Paste - 250g TinC233201Soldering Paste - 250g Tin 250g
Soldering Flux Fluid - 500mlC233301Soldering Flux Fluid - 500ml 500ml
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