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Assorted Boxes / Packs

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Assorted Boxes
O.E.M. Part NoQuantityDescription
Rack for Assorted BoxesA009001Rack for Assorted Boxes
MINI Rack for Assorted BoxesA009501MINI Rack for Assorted Boxes
Empty Boxes with 8 DividersA0100010Empty Boxes with 8 Dividers
Dividers for Assorted BoxesA01010200Dividers for Assorted Boxes
MINI Empty boxes with 8 DividersA0102010MINI Empty boxes with 8 Dividers
Self Tappers Slotted Pan SmallA01100700Self Tappers Slotted Pan Small
Self Tappers PZD Pan MediumA01105600Self Tappers PZD Pan Medium
Self Tappers Slotted Pan LargeA01110330Self Tappers Slotted Pan Large
Self Tappers PZD PanA01130700Self Tappers PZD Pan
Self Tappers PZD Pan LargeA01140330Self Tappers PZD Pan Large
Self Tappers PZD CountersunkA01150615Self Tappers PZD Countersunk
Self Tappers PZD Flange BlackA01160700Self Tappers PZD Flange Black
Sheet Metal Acme Screws HexA01170255Sheet Metal Acme Screws Hex
Wood Screws PZD CountersunkA01210525Wood Screws PZD Countersunk
Classic Solo Screws PZD CountersunkA01220355Classic Solo Screws PZD Countersunk
BA Screws Nuts + Washers BrassA01250945BA Screws Nuts + Washers Brass
BA Screws + Nuts SteelA01260600BA Screws + Nuts Steel
Machine Screws + Nuts SteelA01270600Machine Screws + Nuts Steel
Mach Screws, Nuts + Wash BrassA01280945Mach Screws, Nuts + Wash Brass
Stainless Sets, Nuts + Wash mmA01290270Stainless Sets, Nuts + Wash mm
Setscrews unfA01300150Setscrews unf
Setscrews uncA01310105Setscrews unc
Setscrews MetricA01320150Setscrews Metric
Setscrews Metric FineA01330150Setscrews Metric Fine
Setscrews + Nuts M6A01360295Setscrews + Nuts M6
Setscrews + Nuts M8A01370154Setscrews + Nuts M8
Setscrews + Nuts M10A0138088Setscrews + Nuts M10
Serrated Flange Nuts MetricA01390225Serrated Flange Nuts Metric
Steel Nuts unfA01400300Steel Nuts unf
Steel Nuts uncA01410370Steel Nuts unc
Steel Nuts MetricA01420370Steel Nuts Metric
Steel Nuts Metric FineA01430370Steel Nuts Metric Fine
Steel + Nylon Locking Nuts uncA01440300Steel + Nylon Locking Nuts unc
Nylon Locking Nuts unfA01450220Nylon Locking Nuts unf
Nylon Locking Nuts MetricA01470220Nylon Locking Nuts Metric
Flat Washers Form C MetricA01480800Flat Washers Form C Metric
Spring Washers MetricA01490800Spring Washers Metric
Flat Washers Table 4 ImperialA01500800Flat Washers Table 4 Imperial
Spring Washers ImperialA01510800Spring Washers Imperial
Repair Washers ImperialA01520230Repair Washers Imperial
Fibre Washers ImperialA01530610Fibre Washers Imperial
Copper Sealing Washers ImpA01540225Copper Sealing Washers Imp
Copper Washers ImperialA01550300Copper Washers Imperial
Shakeproof Washers ImperialA015601000Shakeproof Washers Imperial
Flat Washers Form A MetricA01570800Flat Washers Form A Metric
Flat Washers Table 3 ImperialA01580800Flat Washers Table 3 Imperial
Copper Sealing Washers MetricA01640244Copper Sealing Washers Metric
Copper Washers MetricA01650305Copper Washers Metric
Sump Plug WashersA01660250Sump Plug Washers
Sump Plug Washers - BritishA01661200Sump Plug Washers - British
Sump Plug Washers - ForeignA01662200Sump Plug Washers - Foreign
Copper Compression Washers MetricA01665250Copper Compression Washers Metric
Copper Seal Washers Met LargeA0167090Copper Seal Washers Met Large
Fuel Injection WashersA01680360Fuel Injection Washers
Split Pins ImperialA017001000Split Pins Imperial
Split Pins Imperial - LargeA01710220Split Pins Imperial - Large
Clevis PinsA01720175Clevis Pins
Spring Roll Pins ImperialA01730385Spring Roll Pins Imperial
Spring Roll Pins MetricA01740300Spring Roll Pins Metric
Circlips Internal + ExternalA01790280Circlips Internal + External
Circlips InternalA01800250Circlips Internal
Circlips ExternalA01810250Circlips External
U-Nuts + Flat ClipsA01830510U-Nuts + Flat Clips
Flat ClipsA018401000Flat Clips
J-Nuts + U-NutsA01850300J-Nuts + U-Nuts
J-Nuts + Sheet Metal ScrewsA01860400J-Nuts + Sheet Metal Screws
Socket Set (Grub) Screws MetA01940220Socket Set (Grub) Screws Met
Socket Cap Screws MetricA02040120Socket Cap Screws Metric
Body Screws PZD Pan Head MetA02100300Body Screws PZD Pan Head Met
Body Screws PZD Countersunk mmA02110300Body Screws PZD Countersunk mm
Manifold Studs + NutsA0216080Manifold Studs + Nuts
Continental + Glass Auto FusesA02190480Continental + Glass Auto Fuses
Continental Plastic FusesA02200200Continental Plastic Fuses
Glass Auto FusesA02210185Glass Auto Fuses
ATO Blade Fuses (Standard)A0222080ATO Blade Fuses (Standard)
MINI Blade Fuses - Littelfuse (R)A02230100MINI Blade Fuses - Littelfuse (R)
MINI Blade FusesA02240100MINI Blade Fuses
Fuses PAL - Littelfuse (R)A0224524Fuses PAL - Littelfuse (R)
Insulated Terminals - push onA02250300Insulated Terminals - push on
Insulated Terminals - push onA02251200Insulated Terminals - push on
Ins. Terminals Forks + RingsA02252200Ins. Terminals Forks + Rings
Insulated Terminals + CrimperA02254206Insulated Terminals + Crimper
Insulated Terminals - RedA02255260Insulated Terminals - Red
Insulated Terminals - BlueA02256280Insulated Terminals - Blue
Insulated Terminals - YellowA02257110Insulated Terminals - Yellow
Cable Lugs - CopperA0225880Cable Lugs - Copper
Heat Shrink TerminalsA02259100Heat Shrink Terminals
Rubber 'O' Ring Splicing KitA022601Rubber 'O' Ring Splicing Kit
Rubber 'O' Ring Box Set ImpA02280382Rubber 'O' Ring Box Set Imp
Splicing KitA022851Splicing Kit
Rubber 'O' Ring Box Set MetricA02290404Rubber 'O' Ring Box Set Metric
Rubber 'O' Rings ImperialA02300300Rubber 'O' Rings Imperial
Bonded Seals Dowty Washers ImpA02310100Bonded Seals Dowty Washers Imp
Bonded Seals Dowty Washers MetA0232090Bonded Seals Dowty Washers Met
No. Plate FastenersA02400240No. Plate Fasteners
Plasters Fabric + WaterproofA02440120Plasters Fabric + Waterproof
Adhesive Plasters FabricA0245080Adhesive Plasters Fabric
FIRST AID Kit HSE up to 50 peopleA024651FIRST AID Kit HSE up to 50 people
FIRST AID Kit HSE HouseholdA024701FIRST AID Kit HSE Household
FIRST AID Kit HSE for 10 StaffA024801FIRST AID Kit HSE for 10 Staff
Grease Nipples ImperialA02500121Grease Nipples Imperial
Grease Nipples MetricA02510135Grease Nipples Metric
O-Clips + Hose JoinersA0256072O-Clips + Hose Joiners
Mini Hose ClipsA0257080Mini Hose Clips
SPEEDFIT Elbows + Tees ImpA0258026SPEEDFIT Elbows + Tees Imp
SPEEDFIT Elbows + Tees MetricA0259026SPEEDFIT Elbows + Tees Metric
SPEEDFIT Straights ImperialA0260024SPEEDFIT Straights Imperial
SPEEDFIT Straights MetricA0261024SPEEDFIT Straights Metric
Brass Tube Couplings ImperialA0263025Brass Tube Couplings Imperial
Brass Tube Couplings MetricA0264025Brass Tube Couplings Metric
Linch PinsA0266020Linch Pins
Rivets + Washers AluminiumA02750500Rivets + Washers Aluminium
Rivets BlackA02760210Rivets Black
Rivets + WashersA02780350Rivets + Washers
Blanking + Wiring GrommetsA02790240Blanking + Wiring Grommets
Puncture Repair KitA0290033Puncture Repair Kit
Wheel Weights - Steel WheelA0290160Wheel Weights - Steel Wheel
Wheel Weights - Alloy WheelA0290260Wheel Weights - Alloy Wheel
Wheel Weights - Coated Alloy WheelA0290360Wheel Weights - Coated Alloy Wheel
Tyre Valves, Cores & AccessoriesA02910115Tyre Valves, Cores & Accessories
Brake NutsA02950135Brake Nuts
Brake Shoe Hold Down KitA02960200Brake Shoe Hold Down Kit
Brake Bleed ScrewsA0296160Brake Bleed Screws
Heat Shrink Tubing 50mm LongA03000160Heat Shrink Tubing 50mm Long
Heat Shrink Tubing 200mm LongA0301030Heat Shrink Tubing 200mm Long
Woodruff KeysA03050220Woodruff Keys
Lithium Coins & Alkaline BatteriesA0306020Lithium Coins & Alkaline Batteries
Flick Switches & Warning LightsA0307020Flick Switches & Warning Lights
Expansion + Comp Springs MiniA03080250Expansion + Comp Springs Mini
Expansion SpringsA0309070Expansion Springs
Compression SpringsA0310070Compression Springs
Interior Trim FixingsA03120310Interior Trim Fixings
Body Clips and Trim FixingsA03130280Body Clips and Trim Fixings
Canoe ClipsA03131225Canoe Clips
Fir Tree FixingsA03132140Fir Tree Fixings
Lokut NutsA03133195Lokut Nuts
Rokut NutsA03134325Rokut Nuts
Screw Type Push RivetsA03135150Screw Type Push Rivets
mini BOX Non-Insulated TerminalsA04000175mini BOX Non-Insulated Terminals
mini BOX Terminals RedA04010140mini BOX Terminals Red
mini BOX Terminals BlueA04020120mini BOX Terminals Blue
mini BOX ATO Blade FusesA0403060mini BOX ATO Blade Fuses
mini BOX MINI Blade FusesA0404090mini BOX MINI Blade Fuses
mini BOX Auto FusesA0405088mini BOX Auto Fuses
mini BOX Cable Fixing ClipsA04060120mini BOX Cable Fixing Clips
mini BOX Self Tapping ScrewsA04070500mini BOX Self Tapping Screws
mini BOX Self Tapping ScrewsA04080200mini BOX Self Tapping Screws
mini BOX Self Tapping ScrewsA04090350mini BOX Self Tapping Screws
mini BOX Acme ScrewsA04100120mini BOX Acme Screws
mini BOX Self Drill ScrewsA0411070mini BOX Self Drill Screws
mini BOX Socket Cap ScrewsA04120100mini BOX Socket Cap Screws
mini BOX Machine Screws & NutsA04130470mini BOX Machine Screws & Nuts
mini BOX SetscrewsA0414056mini BOX Setscrews
mini BOX Steel NutsA04150300mini BOX Steel Nuts
mini BOX Nyloc NutsA04160150mini BOX Nyloc Nuts
mini BOX ‘J’ & ‘U’ NutsA04170100mini BOX ‘J’ & ‘U’ Nuts
mini BOX Hex & NutsertsA04180100mini BOX Hex & Nutserts
mini BOX Flat WashersA04190375mini BOX Flat Washers
mini BOX Fibre WashersA04200400mini BOX Fibre Washers
mini BOX Fuel Injection WashersA04210360mini BOX Fuel Injection Washers
mini BOX Copper WashersA04220270mini BOX Copper Washers
mini BOX Bonded SealsA0423065mini BOX Bonded Seals
mini BOX ‘E’ RetainersA04240620mini BOX ‘E’ Retainers
mini BOX Split PinsA04250410mini BOX Split Pins
mini BOX Spring Roll PinsA04260160mini BOX Spring Roll Pins
mini BOX ‘O’ ClipsA0427060mini BOX ‘O’ Clips
mini BOX Brass OlivesA0428090mini BOX Brass Olives
mini BOX Grease NipplesA0429060mini BOX Grease Nipples
mini BOX Grease NipplesA0430072mini BOX Grease Nipples
Flat Bar 1.5mA0500010Flat Bar 1.5m
Flat Bar 1.2mA0500110Flat Bar 1.2m
Round Bar 1.5mA0501010Round Bar 1.5m
Round Bar 0.9mA0501110Round Bar 0.9m
Angle Iron 1.5mA050205Angle Iron 1.5m
Key Steel 300mm MetricA0504010Key Steel 300mm Metric
Key Steel 12in ImperialA0505010Key Steel 12in Imperial
Screwed Rod 12in unfA0506030Screwed Rod 12in unf
Screwed Rod 300mm MetricA0508030Screwed Rod 300mm Metric
Screwed Rod 1m MetricA050905Screwed Rod 1m Metric
Compression SpringsA0510070Compression Springs
Expansion SpringsA0511070Expansion Springs
Accelerator + Clutch SpringsA0512036Accelerator + Clutch Springs
Compression Springs Mini SizesA0513050Compression Springs Mini Sizes
Expansion Springs Mini SizesA0514050Expansion Springs Mini Sizes
Rubber Wiring (Cable) GrommetsA05150120Rubber Wiring (Cable) Grommets
Rubber Blanking GrommetsA05160120Rubber Blanking Grommets
Plasters Fabric + WaterproofA0517080Plasters Fabric + Waterproof
Gasket Paper 12in SquareA0518030Gasket Paper 12in Square
Gasket Paper Metre²A051853Gasket Paper Metre²
Solderless NipplesA0519048Solderless Nipples
J-Nuts + Sheet Metal ScrewsA0520050J-Nuts + Sheet Metal Screws
Rubber Lined P-ClipsA0521050Rubber Lined P-Clips
Adhesive Metal Cable ClipsA0522050Adhesive Metal Cable Clips
P100 - Pro Paint BrushesA052255P100 - Pro Paint Brushes
Quality Paint BrushesA052305Quality Paint Brushes
Adhesive Nylon Cable ClipsA0524050Adhesive Nylon Cable Clips
Nylon P-Clips AdjustableA0525040Nylon P-Clips Adjustable
General Use Paint BrushesA0526010General Use Paint Brushes
General Use Touch-up BrushesA0527024General Use Touch-up Brushes
Quality Touch-up Paint BrushesA0528010Quality Touch-up Paint Brushes
Needle File SetA052901Needle File Set
File HandlesA052911File Handles
Round FilesA052921Round Files
Mixed FilesA052935Mixed Files
Mixed FilesA052945Mixed Files
Engineers FilesA0529510Engineers Files
Engineers FilesA053008Engineers Files
PYTHON Wooden File HandlesA053108PYTHON Wooden File Handles
Hammers Shafts + WedgesA053505Hammers Shafts + Wedges
Hammer Shaft WedgesA0536020Hammer Shaft Wedges
Nylon P-ClipsA05370100Nylon P-Clips
Adhesive Plasters Blue - FoodA0538080Adhesive Plasters Blue - Food
Barrel Olives ImperialA05400150Barrel Olives Imperial
Barrel Olives MetricA05410150Barrel Olives Metric
Stepped Olives ImperialA05420150Stepped Olives Imperial
Stepped Olives MetricA05430150Stepped Olives Metric
Tool ClipsA0550050Tool Clips
Cable Ties ColouredA05550100Cable Ties Coloured
Insulation Tape ColouredA0560010Insulation Tape Coloured
Insulation Tape Coloured ADVANCEA0561010Insulation Tape Coloured ADVANCE
Fuel FiltersA0565010Fuel Filters
Windscreen Washer AccessoriesA0570025Windscreen Washer Accessories
JCS Hose ClipsA0580050JCS Hose Clips
JCS Hose Clips Large SizesA0582024JCS Hose Clips Large Sizes
ACE Hose ClipsA058301ACE Hose Clips
ACE Hose ClipsA058351ACE Hose Clips
JUBILEE Hose ClipsA0585050JUBILEE Hose Clips
JUBILEE Hose Clips Large SizesA0587025JUBILEE Hose Clips Large Sizes
JCS Stainless Steel Hose ClipsA0595024JCS Stainless Steel Hose Clips
Nylon Snapper ClipsA0605035Nylon Snapper Clips
Heat Shrink Tubing 200mm LongA0610048Heat Shrink Tubing 200mm Long
Heat Shrink Tubing 200mm LongA0610548Heat Shrink Tubing 200mm Long
DORMER ‘Top Up’ PackA0615013DORMER ‘Top Up’ Pack
Plastic Wall PlugsA06160200Plastic Wall Plugs
Key Indicators With RingsA0617036Key Indicators With Rings
Exhaust U-ClampsA0645025Exhaust U-Clamps
2BA Screws and NutsA065002002BA Screws and Nuts
Brass BA Screws & NutsA06510200Brass BA Screws & Nuts
Set Screws, Bolts & NutsA0652060Set Screws, Bolts & Nuts
Flat WashersA0652550Flat Washers
Odds 'n Ends - Misc FastenersA065301Odds 'n Ends - Misc Fasteners
Cable Ties - BlackA06570200Cable Ties - Black
Plug Fuses (Domestic Mains)A06600100Plug Fuses (Domestic Mains)
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